quality management systems


All aspects of our service delivery are covered by our UKAS Accredited Quality Management System.

UKAS Accredited Multi-Vendor EBME Service
Our Clinical Engineering Service has full UKAS accreditation. The audit and certification are carried out according to ISO9001:2015 and covers:

Servicing and Maintenance of Medical Equipment and their component parts; commissioning, maintenance, repair and management of medical equipment for anaesthesia, intensive care, physiological monitoring, cardiology, dentistry, energy systems, podiatry diagnostic systems, medical gas control, patient transfer, theatre tables, treatment plinths and infusion devices.

All practices are in line with MHRA Guidelines April 2015 ‘Managing Medical Devices Guidance for Healthcare and Social Services Organisations’. Electrical Safety Tests (where applicable) to IEC 60601-1-11:2015, BS EN 60601-1:2006 3rd edition an IEC 62353: 2nd edition 2014.

The Medical Room SGS and UKAS accredited


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